This is a guide to properly installing and configuring PPTP client on a Ubuntu Linux machine.

This guide has been done on Ubuntu desktop 12.04. You can download and install Ubuntu desktop from their official site at


1. Go to Network Tab > VPN Connections then click Configure VPN.


2. Click Add, select Point to Point Tunelling Protocol (PPTP) and click Create.



3. On the VPN tab, enter the Server IP or Hostname as Gateway and enter your VersaVPN account username & password, then click Advanced.  Please take a look at the Server Status link in the client area for the lists of hostnames you can choose.


4. Enable the following:


Use Point-to Point Encryption (MPPE)

Allow stateful encryption

Allow BSD Data compression

Allow Deflate Data Compression

Use TCP header compression

And hit the “Ok” button


5. Go to Network Tab, select VPN Connections and click the connection name.


6. Wait for the notification message to appear.


7. You can check your IP if it is changed once you are connected to the VPN. IP Checker

If you have any issue, please let us know by opening a support ticket.

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