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VersaVPN Keeps You Safe, Private and Free

In the last few years, some of the largest companies in the world like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Target, Sony, Adobe have lost the personal data of millions of users to hackers.

It’s been revealed that governments across the globe – in cooperation with major tech giants – continue to engage in the violation of basic internet privacy rights.

The government, tech companies and hackers alike develop and employ a growing number of ingenious and underhanded methods to gather sensitive personal data. They sell it, log it, track it and analyze it for their gain.

The growing threat of cybercrime is real, and the increasing restrictions put on freedom of speech and uncensored access to the internet has made regularly using a virtual private network a necessity.

As little as $3.75/month for a yearly plan

Complete VPN Package

three simultnaeous connections

Three Connections

Get you and 2 of your friends to connect to any of our servers from any device with the provided three simultaneous connections for every account.
port forwarding

Port Forwarding

Port forward up to 4 ports using PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN so you can connect to your remote server, NAS or any other device securely from anywhere.
SecureProxy for Chrome & Firefox

SecureProxy Access

Get to stream using SecureProxy for Chrome & Firefox with every Premium or Dedicated accounts while staying secure with 256bit SSL from Comodo.

Three Protocols

Access all our secure servers using OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP Protocol. Use either one of them from any supported device and get instant security on the go.
any devices

Wide Array of Devices

Connect using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Or use VersaVPN at work from your router, desktop, MAC and while using XBox or PlayStation at home.

DNS Encryption

Get secure end-to-end connection with the addition of DNSCrypt by OpenDNS. Eliminate DNS poisoning attacks and stay secure anytime all the time.

No-hastle 10-day Money Back Guaranteed

we do not log

No logs or monitoring

VersaVPN has always been a firm believers in privacy as a fundamental right for all of us. That is why we will never log or even monitor you. We even have transparency reports and Warrant Canary to prove to you our dedication to your privacy.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our world class support team of engineers are here to help you from the easiest to the hardest of configuration requirements you want. You can always contact us thru phone, support tickets or email and we will always be ready to respond within 30 minutes of receiving your request.
customer support

As little as $3.75/month for a yearly plan

Strategic Server Locations

VersaVPN provides many servers from locations in 20+ countries, and we’re adding to the list every month. You can change your location at any time without any extra costs.

vpn server locations

Get started for as low as $5.50/month

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