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Easy to Install

[image image=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/easy_to_customize.png” alt=”Easy to connect”] We put great emphasis on ease of configuration for your needs, and therefore we created a software that gives you complete control over the service.
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Fully Documented

[image image=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/documentation.png” alt=”Documentation”] We have created video tutorials and documentation special for you, where you can quickly find answers at your questions and problems.
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Cross Compatible

[image image=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/browsers.png” alt=”Cross Compatible”] We made sure that our service will work correctly in any operating system, devices, players and even routers. It will also work on the latest Windows 8 operating system.
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A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. VPNs are most often used by corporations to protect sensitive data. However, using a personal VPN is increasingly becoming more popular as more interactions that were previously face-to-face transition to the Internet. Privacy is increased with a VPN because the user’s initial IP address is replaced with one from the VPN provider. This method allows subscribers to attain an IP address from any gateway city the VPN service provides. For instance, you may live in San Francisco, but with a VPN, you can appear to live in Amsterdam, New York, or any number of gateway cities.
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How we secure you?

Once connected to one of our Fast VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers your IP will change to one of ours and all data coming in and out of your PC will be encrypted & secured. Any transaction that sends out sensitive data like passwords and account information will only be transmitted in a secure environment to prevent data theft and any phishing attack. Aside from secured transaction, VersaVPN can also provide you with geolocation so you can access any censored websites, watch movies and even use VoIP software where access to these features is limited.

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VersaVPN Service Information

VPN Encryption Key & Tunnel:
[highlight colour=”blue”]1024 bit & 128bit CBC[/highlight] VPN Protocols Available:
[highlight colour=”blue”]Openvpn, PPTP & L2TP/IPSec[/highlight] Supported Platforms:
[highlight colour=”blue”]Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, PS3, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod[/highlight] [/one_second_last] [/row]

[row] [one_third] [homepage_features title=”Available protocols” desc=”Compare each security protocols and select which one is best for you”] [accordion] [acc_item title=”Openvpn”]
OpenVPN is one of the many very significant breakthroughs that have been made by open-source community projects. This VPN protocol is very secure and there are no known vulnerabilities. Unlike L2TP/IPsec, this protocol cannot be blocked by blocking specific ports. It can be configured to run over any port, including the same ports that your Internet browser uses making OpenVPN highly flexible. In such a configuration, there’s really no way to differentiate it from any other traffic on the Internet. The main features are
Like L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN can use AES256 encryption, making it exceptionally safe. It can use other forms of encryption, as well. The protocol is so secure and reliable that it can be used for very sensitive data transfer, however.
This is the best-performing VPN protocol, in fact, which means that you can get the highest level of encryption without the slowdowns in performance that you’ll sometimes see with L2TP/IPsec encryption.
[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”PPTP”]
PPTP is the most basic of all the VPN protocols out there. It’s also the fastest in terms of how well it works on slower computers and connections. This is an old protocol and was the first VPN supported by the Windows OS.

The PPTP protocol only allows you to have 128-bit encryption at max. That is lower than the standard encryption used by banks, online shopping establishments and so forth. This is considered to be one of the weakest VPN protocols out there and, for very advanced users, it’s usually not enough.

There are some very handy uses for PPTP, however. If you have a slower machine, the lower encryption levels mean that there is less processing involved in decrypting the content. This makes the system work faster. This is really something that only those people with very slow computers will notice, however. For most VPN customers, the difference between this protocol and the next, L2TP/IPsec will be negligible in terms of speed.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”L2TP/IPSec”]
L2TP/IPSec is a very advanced and secure protocol that’s used on VPN networks. L2TP/IPsec uses 256-bit encryption. There are two types of encryption that are used with this protocol. The encryption may be 3DES or AES. The AES256 encryption scheme is actually used to transmit top secret information. The odds of someone being able to brute-force hack this level of encryption are so small that they are nearly incomprehensible.

The slower performance of this type of security comes from the fact that it is so very secure. The data is encrypted twice. The keys are exchanged over specific ports so that each of the computers involved in the transaction can get at the data.

L2TP/IPsec’s reliance on specific ports means that, if those ports are blocked, it cannot complete a connection. This makes it easier for administrators to make it impossible to use this protocol on their networks by blocking a few ports.

[/acc_item] [/accordion] [/homepage_features] [/one_third] [two_third_last] [homepage_features title=”Why purchase a VPN?” desc=”Check the great feature list why you should order your own VPN Account:”] [homepage_feature title=”Keeps you private” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/private.png”]
When connected, your data will be secured and encrypted keeping all your information private. VersaVPN will make sure your online presence cannot be monitored and recorded by anyone.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Easy to setup” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/easysetup.png”]
A VPN is very easy to setup and it usually takes only 3 steps for you to be secured. You dont have to need any special software nor buy an expensive hardware just to be safe on the internet.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Protects your online information” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/protect.png”]
VersaVPN secures your online information such as credit cards, online account details such as password and usernames, online bank accounts and other financial information.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Conceal your actual location” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/conceal.png”]
Once connected, a VPN can change your IP address based on the VPN country you choose. This way, no one can traceroute your real IP, or find out where you live. With a VPN you will appear as if your on another country.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Absolutely no logs” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/nologs.png”]
VersaVPN absolutely does not log premium account holders, though we keep user-identifiable information for free users for 15 days. We however, do assure that your personal and private information will not be transmitted or transferred to any third party.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature_last title=”No advertisement” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/ads.png”]
We will never include third party ads in our free vpn service. While browsing and using VersaVPN, we assure you that your online experience remains without distractions by giving the best user features possible.
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[row] [two_third] [homepage_features title=”Premium account features” desc=”Below are some of the features and benefits of having a secure VersaVPN account”] [homepage_feature title=”Unlimited VPN Speed” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/fast.png”]
Our free account users are limited to 300kbps network speed when connected to our VPN servers while our Premium account users can enjoy unlimited network speeds of up to 1Gbit on all our VPN servers worldwide.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Connect to VersaVPN worldwide” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/worldwide.png”]
Our Premium Account users can have access to all 14 countries in our server list strategically placed to allow fast, continuous connectivity wherever you are in the world. Our Free user however is limited only to US servers.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Get around website restrictions” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/restrictions.png”]
It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, even in the MIddle East or China, our services are always available. By redirecting your traffic thru our network of vpn servers you will be assured that you will have access to your favorite websites.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Port forwarding” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/forwarding.png”]
We allow 3 Port forwarding for Premium account users on all our Openvpn servers worldwide so you can use your favorite application that requires this feature while connected to our server. Our Free account users however are not allowed to port forward.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”PPTP & L2TP connectivity” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/pptp.png”]
Every Premium Account comes with additional protocol of PPTP & L2TP so you have an option to choose which protocol is best suited for your network setup. These protocols are flexible and can be used on many mobile devices, routers and even your favorite OS.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Support for mobile devices” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/mobile.png”]
With the inclusion of PPTP and L2TP protocols on Premium account you can now have secure internet conenction even from your mobile device. Bypass certain restrictions, hide your real IP address and surf the internet secure all from your Android, iPhone or iPad.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature title=”Watch geolocated movie sites” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/movies.png”]
You can now watch Hulu, Netflix or BBC iPlayer even from outside US and UK all from the comfort of your home. Have the best entertainment experience with access to thousands of the latest movies and tv series all while connected to our super fast UK and US VPN servers.
[/homepage_feature] [homepage_feature_last title=”24/7 customer support” img=”http://versavpn.com/wp-content/themes/doover/images/homepage/support.png”]
We provide 24/7 customer support thru email, live chat, support ticket and even teamviewer if needed all within minutes of receiving your support request. We help troubleshoot issues, fix installations, forwardings and more all so you can have the best service possible.
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How to connect?

downloadDownload our VPN Software and follow our guide for installing our client application on Windows PC. For setup on other devices please follow device specific setup instructions. If you want to port forward, you may want to follow the client application or the web based port forwarding guide.


connectYou are now ready to connect to our VPN server. You may login to the client app (or your device specific login screen) by entering your username and password which can be viewed from the client area “My Services” menu. Please make sure your server credentials are correct as both the username and password are case sensitive.


encryptedAfter connection, please wait for about 10 seconds before browsing the web. This is to make sure that the vpn packets sent to your pc has arrived and that your device is ready to transmit and accept tunnel connection. You may now browse the web securely and geolocate to whatever server you have selected.

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How much VersaVPN cost?

VersaVPN offers a Free and Premium Account. Free accounts. Get to know each account so you can select which one is best for you. Read below and take a look at the chart on the left for more information.

Free Account:

Our free account are absolutely free of charge. No monthly bills, no obligations, no credit card information required. While Free Accounts do have the benefit of internet security and ease of use just like a Premium Account, there are certain limitation in speed which is limited to 300kpbs, no port forwarding and is accessible only to United States server. Additionally, we do have limited record keeping of user-identifiable data for up to 15 days. But all in all, if you want online security for free, this is the account for you.

Premium Account*: starts $5/month

If you want maximum online security, the best features and accessibility then the premium Account is for you. Premium Account users can access all our 14 server locations worldwide on Openvpn, PPTP and L2TP. Thats three security protocols so you can be secured on your PC, behind your routers and mobile devices. Aside from server location access, a Premium Account user can access our servers with unlimited speed, enabled port forwarding, unlimited bandwidth and most of all you are assured that there is no logging. That’s the perfect security you can get at the most affordable price!

Note: Newly registered premium account users are entitled to a 5 day refund.
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comparison table


Click here for Free VPN Account

Click to order a premium account

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[row] [one_second] [homepage_features title=”Dedicated IP Plan” desc=”See below our list of countries available for you”] [/homepage_features]
Austria Austria $12/month Order Now!
Canada Canada $30/month Order Now!
France France $12/month Order Now!
Germany Germany $12/month Order Now!
Italy Italy $12/month Order Now!
Netherlands Netherlands $20/month Order Now!
Russian Federation Russian Federation $20/month Order Now!
Sweden Sweden $12/month Order Now!
Switzerland Switzerland $15/month Order Now!
United Kingdom United Kingdom $12/month Order Now!
United States United States $12/month Order Now!
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Dedicated account features

Get to know why you should have a dedicated IP account:
  • Exclusive IP use
    With a VersaVPN dedicated IP account, you will be assured you will get an exclusive use of our IP address. Not only that, we will assure that when you purchase, you will get an unused IP address from our server pool.
  • Best for PayPal Geolocation
    Want a PayPal US Account? No problem! Our US IPs can be used for PayPal or any other payment gateways so you can transact, pay and bill using a US IP without any worries. You can use it whenever or wherever you are in the world.
  • Ideal for gaming and home entertainment
    Get exclusive IP for your exclusive you on your xBox, PS3 or even your home entertainment system. Watch geolocated movies and play games without the discomform of video and graphics buffering by having our 1Gbit servers exclusively yours!
  • Best for geotargeted freelancing
    If you are a freelancer and an employer only accept applicants from a certain country. Your in the right place! Get geotergeted freelancing jobs from anywhere in the world by having our dedicated IP VPN. Get an online job and appear to be in the US, UK or Germany. With VersaVPN, you get value for your money and your investment.
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