VersaVPN offers a wide array of services from PPTP, L2TP and Openvpn Accounts with option for a Private VPN, Secure VPN, Proxy VPN based on your custom needs. We have steadily perfected our system to ensure that your internet anonymity will not be at risk. We also provide custom quotes depending on the size and function of the VPN Project.

Welcome to VersaVPN’s affiliate program, below is a quick overview of what this has to offer you!

Commission paid on recurring revenue, not just one-time payout!
No need to provide support, VersaVPN supports end-user(s) directly
No risk of credit card chargebacks and/or loss of payment processing accounts
No loss of payment processing fees (2-5% typical savings)

Shared IP PPTP+L2TP+OPENVPN – 10% for the life of account!
Dedicated IP PPTP+L2TP+OPENVPN – 10% for the life of account!

$5 sign-up bonus
$50 minimum withdrawal limit
60-day commission payout delay (due to high industry fraud)
VersaVPN reserves right to change terms/rates on new referrals at any time


Our top affiliates all have 100+ active VPN Service simply by having a banner or text link on their page. So what are you waiting for, get started today and start making money by promoting our excellent services!

To join the VersaVPN’s Affiliate program, register or login to the client area, and visit Affiliates section on right menu bar.

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